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About Us



Access to finance empowers financially excluded population and creates opportunities to increase wealth by reducing vulnerabilities, enhancing business activities, generating employment and increasing income for low-income households and entrepreneurs. Dynamic Micro Finance Institution (DMFI) was established and registered by the National Bank of Ethiopia on May 12, 2009 as a share company by fulfilling the requirements of proclamation No.626/2009 and the directives of the National Bank of Ethiopia, the body authorized to license and supervise MFIs. DMFI is privately owned institution by over 400 shareholders and has the objective of providing efficient microfinance services and improve the socio-economic situation of its customers. The shareholders of Dynamic MFI are committed and motivated private investors using their resources to provide sustainable financial services to its targeted clients. The institution has a clear vision, mission and strategic objectives to address low and middle income Farmers, MSE and individuals through providing efficient and effective saving and credit services to achieve its goals.


We are dedicated to provide efficient, preferred and reliable financial services to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers,while ensuring continuous growth and profitability.


To be customer-oriented and preferred micro finance institution in the country.


The DMFI’s objective is mobilizing financial resources from the public and facilitating sustainable credit services to profitable businesses that would contribute to the improvement of customers’ businesses and economic status as follows.

1. Promote formal saving culture among the target groups in particular and the public at large to mobilize both voluntary and compulsory saving deposits;

2. Facilitate credits on a commercial basis for trade, agricultural activities, agricultural mechanizations, and purchase of a fixed asset for households, MSEs, and other productive businesses that are eligible for access to finance.

3. Support income and profit-generating projects of its customers through rendering managerial, marketing, technical and administrative advice and training

4. Contribute towards the empowerment of entrepreneurial women and youth in rural and urban areas, and

5. Strengthen the link of a customer loan with credit life insurance services to transfer and mitigate credit risks.


The very name DYNAMIC can be taken as acronym to the values upheld by the board and management of DMF. These are

Deliver the best.

Yield the maximum.

Non-compromising ethical standard.

Annual continuous growth and expansion.

Mastery in the profession.

Integrity and transparency.

Courageous and disciplined workforce.

  • ዳይናሚክ ማይክሮ ፋይናንስ ተቋም አ.ማ. በአዋጅ ቁጥር 626/2001 እና የገንዘብ ተቋማትን የመቆጣጠር ሥልጣን በተሰጠው የኢትዮጵያ ብሔራዊ ባንክ በወጡ መመሪያዎች የተደነገጉ መስፈርቶች አሟልቶ እ.አ.አ. መጋቢት 12 ቀን 2001 ዓ.ም. በብሔራዊ ባንክ ተመዝግቦና ሕጋዊ ሰውነት አግኝቶ የተቋቋመ አክስዮን ማኅበር ነው። ማኅበሩ በመላው ሀገሪቱ ውስጥ የማይክሮ ፋይናንስ አገልግሎት ለመስጠት የሚያስችለውን የሥራ ፈቃድ አውጥቶ በመንቀሳቀሰ ላይ ይገኛል።
  • ዳይናሚክ ቁጥራቸው ከ400 በላይ በሆኑ ባለአክስዮኖች ባለቤትነት የተመሠረተ የግል ኩባንያ ሲሆን ዓላማውም ቀልጣፋ የማይክሮ ፋይናንስ አገልግሎት በመስጠት የደንበኞቹን ማኅበራዊና ኢኮኖሚያዊ ሁኔታ ወደ ተሻለ ደረጃ ማሳደግ ነው፡፡ የዳይናሚክ ባለአክስዮኖች መዋዕለ-ነዋያቸውን በማሰባሰብ ለታላሚ ደንበኞቻችው ዘላቂ የፋይናንስ አገልግሎት ለመስጠት የተሰጡና የተነሳሱ የግል ባለሃብቶች ናቸው።

ዓላማ: የዳይናሚክ ዋና ዓላማዎች የሚከተሉት ናቸው።

  • ኅብረተ ሰቡ ውስጥ ቀጣይነት ያለው የቁጠባ ባህል ማዳበር፤
  • አዋጭ በሆነ የሥራ ዘርፍ ላይ ለተሰማሩ ነጋዴዎች፣ ለጥቃቅንና አነስተኛ ኢንተርፕራይዞች፣ ህጋዊ ለሆኑ ድርጅቶች፣ ለገበሬዎች እንዲሁም ለሌሎች ተግባር የሚውል ብድር መስጠት፤የብድር ስጋት ለመቀነስ የብድር ኢንሺራንስ አገልግሎት መስጠት፤
  • ትርፋማ ከሆኑ ድርጅቶች፣ ባንኮች፣ እንዲሁም ኢንሹራንስ ኩባንያዎች ቦንዶችን ወይም አክሲዮኖችን መግዛት።


  • በሀገሪቱ ዉስ በደንበኞች ላይ ያተኮረና ተመራጭ የማይክሮ ፋይናንስ ተቋም መሆን ።


  • የደንበኞቻችንን ፍላጎት በማሟላትጣይነት ያለዉ እድገትና ትርፋማነትን ለማረጋገጥ ውጤታማ፣ ተመራጭና አስተማማኝ የሆነ የፋይናንስ አገልግሎት ማቅረብ።