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Ato Bewketu Alamrew

Ato Bewketu Alamrew

Chief Executive Officer

Message from the CEO

We understand that this is a challenging time, but together will get through it. Let us stay focused on our goals and use the current emergency situation in the Amhara region, where 17 of our 28 branches and 80% of our operation exists, as an opportunity to come out even stronger. It is important that we remain positive and motivated. We need to take action and make improvements in order to succeed.

No matter what challenges come our way, we need to remain resilient, stay open-minded and connected to one another. The strength and success of a company is dependent on its elasticity to dynamically adapt to changing circumstances and come out in one piece, not on its blind adherence to a strategic plan drawn in time of peace. I am very positive that together we will outlive the current situation and achieve our full potential.

The Board of Directors and the management are here to provide support and guidance during this difficult time. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need help.

As we look ahead, it is important that we stay diligent, committed to our objectives and continue to work whenever possible. However, we should also bear in mind that employees are a company’s greatest asset. It is, therefore, critical that we take care of our well-being and never compromise our safety and security. Let us also remember to be kind and considerate to ourselves, to each-other and to our valued customers.

Finally, I would like to grab this opportunity to thank our frontline employees who are exerting courageous efforts to keep the company afloat in the face of personal pains and losses. Let us work together to seek and identify solutions.

May God restore peace and stability to our country sooner; May God mend broken hearts and heal open wounds; May God feed the hungry; May God bless Ethiopia and its people.